Temperature Balance

The human body has its own heating system, which generates more heat than it needs. Our bodily heat surplus is continually emitted into the surrounding air. Thus, the real purpose of any home heating system is simply to keep our bodies at a comfortable level and control the amount of heat we emit. But sometimes the temperature in your house can vary between floors or from room to room. You might notice that some rooms are cold and some are hot. This makes us feel uncomfortable in general, but also affects our home air quality and energy costs.

You may have a problem with temperature balance if you notice that:

  • Certain areas are always too cold or too hot
  • Second floor rooms may be too hot in the summer
  • Basement rooms are too cold
  • Your home office you are uncomfortable
  • Heat from the sun is making one side of your house uncomfortably warmer

AirAdvice indoor air quality tips:

  • Use ceiling fans to help increase circulation
  • Check that vents are unobstructed by furniture or decorations
  • Make sure that your heating and cooling system is working properly