Turn Invisible Problems into Real Solutions

The residential HVAC business is a competitive one. Less knowledgeable contractors compete on price, don’t address the health, safety and comfort of the home’s occupants, and don’t provide homeowners with the solutions they really need. Now more than ever, you need to stand out.

Show homeowners what they need… and offer the right solutions.
AirAdvice for Homes documents air quality problems in the home and enables the contractor to offer the right solution.  We “make the invisible visible.”

More than 90% of all homes have at least one indoor air quality problem. With AirAdvice, you can solve problems that impact your customers’ health, comfort, and safety.

Distinguish Yourself From The Competition

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

  • Identify issues that your competition is unaware of.
  • Help your customer have the healthy home they want.
  • Increase sales opportunities for your business.

Revenue Multiplied

According to a distributor study, contractors who didn’t use the AirAdvice system realized only 8% of their revenue from IAQ products. Contractors who did use the AirAdvice system saw their revenue from IAQ products jump to 43%. That’s a big return on a relatively small investment!


Revenue Without Air Advice


Revenue With Air Advice

Process and Volume

The AirAdvice Program is not about waiting for sick people to call you. It’s about helping homeowners with IAQ issues that are in 90% of homes before they become bigger problems.

The Process In The Home


Plug in the monitor when you enter the home. 30 minutes later, check your email for the report.


Share the comprehensive, full color report with the homeowner to show them what was tested and the results.


Present solutions to problems revealed in the report.

Download a sample report to learn more about AirAdvice ™ for Homes

What contractors are saying about AirAdvice

“If you could also give us a quote for three more AirAdvice units.”

Peter, California

“I had 10k in IAQ sales in the first week using AirAdvice.”

Bob, Georgia

“Hey there! Can I get a quote on a second machine, please?”

– Crystal, South Carolina


“On top of the add-ons we sold 3 system change-outs in our first month with AirAdvice.”

– Mike, Pennsylvania

“This device has been absolutely phenomenal. “

– Ray, Illinois

“I‘m killing it with my monitor! My jobs have been an average $20,000 with the AirAdvice monitor. Before they were $10-$12,000.

– Robert, California

“Last year we saw a $300,000 increase in IAQ sales from using our AirAdvice monitor.“

– Preston, Louisiana

“We now convert IAQ sales almost half of the time using the AirAdvice monitor.  Prior to that we didn’t proactively sell any IAQ.”

– Bob, Indiana

“After using the AirAdvice monitor for ten months I’ve done over $100,000 in sales.  Before using the monitor my IAQ sales were zero. Last week I sold a $15,000 IAQ retrofit on one house because of the monitor.” 

– Matthew, South Dakota

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