Residential FAQ

How does the monitor store or communicate the data that is collected?

The monitor stores IAQ data internally, and automatically sends that data to the AirAdvice for Homes servers via internal cellular modem. If cellular service is unavailable, the monitor will hold 2 weeks of data.

Is a secondary test common after improvements are made to the system?

Some contractors do.  Most often, customers experience noticeable improvements in their home’s IAQ with properly installed, quality equipment, and do not ask for a secondary test.

Do contractors need specific training to be able to perform IAQ testing?

No, the AirAdvice for Homes IAQ system is “plug-and-play”. Simply connect the monitor to a wall outlet, and the IAQ report will be in your email inbox in about 30 minutes.  AirAdvice for Homes does provide training in how and where to place the monitor in the home, interpreting the report, and IAQ issues and equipment.

How long does it take to generate the report after the monitor data is downloaded?

The monitor automatically uploads IAQ data to the AirAdvice for Homes servers after 30 minutes.  The servers interpret the data, prepare the report, and email the report to the user.  This process takes 4-5 minutes, so you will have the report about 35 minutes after plugging in the monitor.

How much does it cost for a contractor to generate a report?

We do not charge per report. As a subscriber to the AirAdvice for Homes program, reports are included in the subscription cost.  You can run as many reports as you wish.

Can the monitor be placed in a commercial application also?

Yes. Everything works the same. There is a Commercial Lite report for those placements.

How can I find someone in my area to perform a test?

There is a dealer locator button on most pages of our website.

Should I do a second test after I have installed the equipment we sold?

If the homeowner requests, it’s a good way to show IAQ improvement. Be sure to use the same monitor and place it in the same location and if possible, place it the same days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

Can I connect the monitor to my laptop to download the information?

No. The monitor has a built-in cellular modem to transmit data.

Does the system test for mold?

Not specifically. It tests for conditions that would make mold growth more likely.  If those conditions are found, we recommend that the contractor take the next step of placing a mold trap.

What are some common IAQ complaints from homeowners?

Some of the more common complaints indicating IAQ problems are: stuffy air, musty or other odors, allergies, asthma, coughing, drafty air, and cold or hot spots in the home.

Who would benefit from having an IAQ test performed in their home?

Everyone should ensure that they are breathing healthy air in their home. Testing is especially recommended in homes where there are young children or elderly people, people suffering from allergies or asthma, and in situations where you notice any of the common complaint issues mentioned above (see the “common IAQ complaints question” above.)

Can you tell me the specific VOC’s that are in my house?

No, our sensor measures total VOCs.  Sometimes, based on the time of day that levels increase, we can get a pretty good idea of what might be causing the particular spike.

What does the AirAdvice for Homes system test for?

Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs, which are odors and chemicals), and particulates (dust and dander.)