Homeowners, it’s essential to recognize the significance of indoor air quality (IAQ) in your living spaces. Considering we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, and an IAQ expert has estimated that amounts to an average of 54 years within our homes, the quality of air where we live is paramount. It’s time to prioritize our well-being in the place we occupy the most.

Your contractor is a valuable resource in this endeavor. They are equipped to provide tailored recommendations to enhance your home’s environment. While completely eradicating indoor air pollutants may not be feasible, their control is well within reach. With professional guidance, you can make informed improvements, ensuring your home remains the healthiest and most cherished environment in your life. Let’s commit to making our indoor air as pure as possible for our comfort and health.

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Black vacuum cleaner on an area rug
  • Select low VOC products when possible, and give natural cleaners a try
  • Always use kitchen exhaust fans when cooking 
  • Use bath fans to remove moisture
  • Consider a HEPA Vacuum cleaner


We have been manufacturing calibrated, professional-grade indoor air quality monitors for 25 years, and we provide training to the people that use them so that you can get reliable results and recommendations for your home. Let us know if you have a comment or question, and we’d love to hear about your project.