About AirAdvice for Homes

AirAdvice for Homes, Inc™ has its origins in the 1990s, when John Skardon was searching for a way to help his wife manage her severe asthma. She could experience a life threatening attack when exposed to particles and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) that could not be detected by sight or smell.  John designed and built an affordable method for measuring such indoor air quality (“IAQ”) parameters.  He then started AirAdvice™ to make his product available to all homeowners. Co-founder Meindert Kleefstra, an electrical engineer, built the first prototypes of the AirAdvice IAQ monitor in 1999.

AirAdvice found the perfect business partner in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.  AirAdvice’s technology identified IAQ issues in the home, and HVAC contractors solved those problems through their portfolio of IAQ products.

Today, AirAdvice for Homes continues the original mission of improving the quality of life for homeowners.  AirAdvice for Homes is the premier IAQ program in the marketplace.  The company’s goal is to constantly improve its offerings through investment in all aspects of the program, including sensor technology, reports, and training.