How We Started

John Skardon was terrified of watching his wife suffer from severe asthma. Exposure to particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could cause her to experience a life threatening attack. John began searching for a way to help his wife manage her asthma, and so he designed and built an affordable method for measuring indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters. The first prototypes of the AirAdvice IAQ monitor were built in 1999 by electrical engineer and company co-founder Meindert Kleefstra.

John started AirAdvice, Inc. to make the IAQ monitor available to homeowners. AirAdvice partners with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors, providing them with technology to identify indoor air quality problems in the home. After the indoor air quality issues are identified, the contractor can then solve those problems using a variety of air quality improvements products and solutions.

By 2005, AirAdvice recognized that their contractors were beginning to do extensive work in commercial buildings as well. In 2006 the company introduced its first product for the commercial buildings market – an expansion of its core technology that would assess building energy performance and savings opportunities.

Don Aultman, the general manager of AirAdvice’s residential IAQ division, established AirAdvice for Homes, Inc. in 2012 to purchase the residential IAQ business of AirAdvice and continue the original mission of improving the quality of life for homeowners.

Industry-Leading IAQ Technology & Expert Services

AirAdvice for Homes is the premier indoor air quality program in the marketplace. The company’s goal is to constantly improve its offerings through investment in all aspects of the program, including sensor technology, air quality reports, and training.

Indoor air quality and comfort problems are solved when experts work together. AirAdvice for Homes works with leading contractors, researchers, and key stakeholders to make our vision of improved indoor air quality, improved comfort and reduced energy use a reality.

HVAC contractors who are members of the AirAdvice for Homes program have exclusive access to the latest IAQ diagnostic technologies in order to provide homeowners with healthy and comfortable homes.

Achieve a More Comfortable, Healthy, Energy-Efficient Home Today

When it comes to poor indoor air quality, most homeowners don’t know they have a problem; however, indoor air pollution can have a major impact on your family’s health, comfort, as well as safety. If you are someone who suffers from allergies or asthma, particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can worsen these conditions, as well as contribute to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections and even lung cancer.

The good news is that contractors can use a variety of practices and technologies to reduce indoor air pollutants and improve the indoor air quality in your home. Things like mold, poor ventilation and dirty or leaky ductwork can all negatively impact air quality. To learn more about how AirAdvice for Homes can make your home more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient year round, please look around our website and contact one of our experts today.